Aluminum Cornices

Our custom exterior cornices and standard metal cornice trim systems are high-quality and maintenance-free

Cornice Specification

standard exterior cornice line profiles


Cornice Heights


standard exterior sheet metal cornice line profiles


Cornice Heights


Standard exterior sheet metal  cornice line profiles


Cornice Heights


standard exterior sheet metal cornice line profiles


Cornice Heights



commercial custom aluminum Cornice dentils eave trim

Today’s architects are designing with a challenging edge. With more than 25 years of experience, Décor Architectural has the technical expertise as well as the architectural eye to meet your demanding designs. Our metal cornice systems are ornamental and eye-catching so as to accommodate the ever-changing need of the market.

From concept and design to fabrication and production, our technical knowledge and craftsmanship are built into a high-quality product for your applications. We strive to work with architects providing consultation and drawing capabilities as well as tested methods of design that have proven successful over many years.

Our capabilities extend into the realm of renovation and duplication of existing profiles and designs. Historical cornice restorations and reproductions are a specialty at Décor Architectural with the highest emphasis placed on maintaining the original architecture using today’s technology.

If the cornice calls for attachments such as dentils or brackets, we fabricate them out of high-density urethane and coat them with an industrial paint finish. We also install the attachments in our factory to maintain the highest quality in spacing and alignment.

What makes Decor's metal cornice system the best in the industry?
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At Décor Architectural, it is our goal to assist in all aspect of design to ensure that we deliver a product which meets the short and long-term needs of our valued customers. We also seek to satisfy all parties involved, from architects to general contractor, through our customer service and attention to technical detail. Our unique product offers quality, durability, design and style. When planning for your next project, consider Décor Architectural. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality, we know it will be a great experience.



Toledo ohio exterior cornice line prefinished aluminum metal


What’s a cornice?

The experienced professionals at Décor Architectural explain

The cornice is generally the uppermost section of molding just below a roof or along the top of a wall. Cornice molding refers to any horizontal decorative molding which crowns any building. The purpose of the projecting cornice is to prevent rainwater from hitting a building's walls. In most residential building projects, this is accomplished by roof eaves, gutters and projecting gable ends. In modern architecture, decorative cornice molding is used to make a building appear more distinctive and often adds to the overall vision of the architect.

If you are planning a new project and are looking for that special, unique touch that will set your project apart, call the professionals at Décor Architectural. We can work with you to create something truly magnificent.


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