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Prefinished decorative metal cupola

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Prefinished Aluminum Cupola with louvers

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Fifth Third Bank Cupola


  The professionals at Décor Architectural
      create unique, eye-catching cupola


Aluminum Cupola refurbished copper top historic renovation

For decades, Décor Architectural has been producing great-looking cupolas. All of our cupolas are completely aluminum clad to provide your clients with years of maintenance-free beauty. Architects have the opportunity of choosing from one of the existingcupola models or designing a custom cupola to meet the specific needs of their client. This allows you to choose which cupola application works best for your project. We find that customer satisfaction is best served when a wide selection of choices allows you to   finish off your project with style.

Contractors and installers also appreciate our user-


friendly approach to the design of our cupolas. From order entry to final installation, we understand that our success is based on the success of those we serve.

Aluminum custom Cupola

When it comes to the finishing touches on your most aesthetically designed facilities, there really is only one choice—a cupola from Décor Architectural. Aluminum cupolas are designed with architectural appeal and structural stability in mind. Not only will you receive a product that enhances the look of your project, but you will receive a product with long-standing durability. This ensures the designed look is maintained for many years to come.


A cupola from Décor Architectural is the finishing
touch to your building project


What’s a cupola?

The experienced professionals at Décor Architectural explain

Cupolas are ornamental structures placed in a prominent position (usually at the top of a larger roof or doCupolas square and octagonal prefinished aluminumme), often used as a lookout, to admit light or provide ventilation.  They often look like small buildings in and of themselves. Cupolas are often used strictly for ornamental purpose in modern designs.  Cupolas occasionally act as the main roof of a tower, turret or spire, providing a considerably more elaborate enclosure than the average roof.

If you are planning a new project and are looking for that special, unique touch that will set your project apart, call the professionals at Décor Architectural. We  can work with you to create something truly magnificent.



Where did Fifth Third Bank Get all those cupolas?



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