Roof Dormers, Entry Hoods and other

Architectural Products

Decor Architectural provides a wide variety of architectural products

From entries to railing systems, we can create a unique look for your project

custom commercial aluminum dome spire bank



Prefinished prefabricated barrel roof dormer


Entry Hoods

Classic Georgian Style House Entry

Prefinished Window Panels

prefinshed aluminum window panels



prefinished aluminum entry system, prefabricated pediments, pilasters

Prefinished Pilasters

prefinished prefabricated aluminum pilasters and pediments


Décor Architectural’s sense of architectural style carries over into other stunning products which enhance your project with style and elegance. Décor Architectural’s bay hoods, entry canopies, dormers, railing systems, window trim and many other architectural products are great additions to any project.

The professionals at Décor Architectural have been creatively designing and manufacturing ornamental pieces for more than 25 years. These additional products often provide the final touches needed to give your project an exciting, finished look. If you have an idea, email it, fax it or send it to us and we will tell you how we can meet your needs.

At Décor Architectural, we have been working with architects and general contractors for more than 25 years to create distinctive projects that are both unique and special. Although specialize in cupolas and cornice, the professionals at Décor Architectural also provide a wide range of other products to meet the needs of our clients. Some of these architectural products include:

custom architectural cross with aluminum surround Toledo Ohio

  • Entry systems
  • Railing systems
  • Sunbursts
  • Dormers
  • Domes
  • Overhangs
  • Bay hoods
  • Window trim
  • Friezes
  • Soffits
  • Fascia

Our capabilities extend into the realm of renovation and duplication of existing profiles and  designs. Historical restorations are a specialty at Décor Architectural with the highest emphasis placed on maintaining the original architecture using today’s technology. Not only will you receive a product that enhances the look of your project, but you will receive a product with long-standing durability. This ensures the

designed look is maintained for many years to come.



custom aluminum barrel room dormer with sunburst face










Holiday Inn Express Dormer

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At Décor Architectural, it is our goal to assist in all aspect of design to ensure that we deliver a product which meets the short and long-term needs of our valued customers. We also seek to satisfy all parties involved, from architects to general contractors, through our customer service and attention to technical detail. Our unique product offers quality, durability, design and style. When planning for your next project, consider Décor Architectural. With our commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality, we know it will be a great experience.

Custom aluminum railing system

If you are planning a new project and are looking for that special, unique touch that will set your project apart, call the professionals at Décor Architectural. We can work with you to create something truly magnificent.


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