Best Commercial Metal Cornice System on the Market:

What makes Décor Architectural’s metal cornice systems the
best in the industry?

Our custom and standard cornice systems are high-quality
and maintenance-free

First, we start with pre-finished aluminum to give our product years of maintenance-free life. If the cornice calls for attachments such as dentils or brackets, we fabricate them out of high-density urethane and coat them with an industrial paint finish. We also install the attachments in our factory to maintain the highest quality in spacing and alignment.

Next, our cornice lines are made to “fit the building.” Shop drawings are made and buildings are measured to ensure the fit is perfect. These field measurements are then used to establish individual cornice profiles and lengths. Each corner and peak is cut-to-length, mitered and assembled in the shop. This makes field installation much simpler, greatly reducing installation time and saving money on the overall cost of the project.

Finally, we reduce oil canning of the metal. All materials expand and contract with the weather. Oil canning is the unsightly wrinkling or waving of metal as it tries to move but is restricted. Over the years, we have found several ways to reduce oil canning and make a better-looking cornice line.

1. We use a snap-trim clip that attaches to the building and the bottom of the cornice snaps into it. This allows the cornice to “float” on the building

.Clip system detail

2. Décor Architectural’s cornice uses built-in expansion/contraction joints. This expansion/contraction joint consists of a backer piece of metal laminated to one end of each cornice piece. As the cornice pieces are lapped 1”, the backer piece pinches the joint shut while allowing the pieces to move, thus reducing oil canning.
3. On wide, flat areas, Décor Architectural will laminate a ½”, ¾” or 1” urethane foam board to the back of the aluminum to reduce oil canning.

Laminated foam detail

At Décor Architectural, we go the extra mile by taking the time and effort necessary to make our cornice system not only elegant but highly functional and maintenance free in its application.

If you are planning a new project and are looking for that special, unique touch that will set your project apart, call the professionals at Décor Architectural. We can work with you to create something truly magnificent.



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